Lingerie 101 Guide Series: Affordable Sexy Lingerie Brands

When it comes to buying lingerie, there’s quite a lot of choice out there these days. There are your boutique, limited design run brands. These brands offer super high quality products, but typically that comes with a price. Then there are hundreds of smaller brands who are selling lingerie products made at scale in big factories. Most women don’t wear sexy lingerie every day, so spending a lot of money on a single piece isn’t that attractive of a proposition. So, we’ve put together a list of 5 of our favorite affordable lingerie brands. read more

Lingerie 101 Guide Series: Choosing the Perfect Bra Style

As part of our Lingerie 101 series, we’re going to be going over different types of lingerie and how to pick out the perfect style for your body type and taste. We know that lingerie can be exciting and empowering, it can also feel intimidating if you’re not sure where to start. Fear not, fashion pioneers! This guide is here to shed light on the different types of bras and help you choose the perfect styles for your or your partner’s body type no matter the occasion. So, let’s delve in and get comfortable and confident in our own skin, shall we? read more

Men’s Guide to Gifting Lingerie for Valentine’s Day | Foxy Lingerie

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The air is thick with romance, spring is right around the corner, and love is in the air (and hopefully, a little lace too!). But for men, navigating the world of lingerie can feel like stepping into a foreign land. But, don’t fear, Foxy Lingerie is here to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make your Valentine swoon with a lingerie gift that’s as unforgettable as your love. read more

How Open Cup Lingerie Can Enhance Your Most Intimate Moments

When it comes to sexy lingerie, sometimes you want a piece that makes a bold statement for both you and your lover. That’s where open cup lingerie styles can really shine. The curated collection of open cup lingerie sets at Foxy Lingeire will help you set stage for an unforgettable evening with your partner. These styles are designed to ignite passion and celebrate the beauty of the female form while also being a a testament to the artistry of lingerie. Join us on a journey into the world of cupless lingerie styles, where so very often, sophistication meets desire. read more

What Is A Demi Bra? [Guide Inside] | Foxy Lingerie

I’ll be the first one to admit that bras can be, well, overwhelming. There are so many options, especially when you get down to the “nitty-gritty.” For example, most women know the difference between a “regular” bra with coverage and a more relaxed “sports bra.” But when you start getting further into the realm of bra styles, you run across options like the demi bra. read more

14 Types Of Panties & Underwear For Women [Guide Inside]

Ladies — can we have a heart to heart? There are so many types of underwear out there — as if finding the right bra, bathing suit, and pair of jeans wasn’t enough of a struggle already. So why let underwear stand in the way of your happiness and confidence? read more

26 Best Swimsuits For Large Busts [2022 Guide + Tips Inside]

Well, ladies, it’s almost summertime. Is anyone else getting excited? While I can’t wait for short-shorts, tank tops, and the sun shining on my skin (hello, delicious tan), one thing I’m not so excited about is shopping for swimwear. As a woman with big busts, finding a swimsuit that looks and feels good can be very challenging. The biggest issue is with the swim top (most of the time). It almost never offers the extra support I need, leaving me with a less-than-sexy appearance and plunging confidence levels. read more

Bralette vs. Bra: Detailed Comparison Guide

If you’re planning on an upcoming bra shopping trip, I feel you, girl. Bra shopping isn’t easy, especially when you walk into the store and see a hundred different styles. Which one is right for you?

While most people are well aware of what a traditional “bra” is, there tends to be some confusion about the bralette. Is it another type of bra style? Is it a piece of lingerie that can double as your next fave fashion statement? Or, is it in its own category altogether?If you’re just as confused as the next girl, keep reading. Below, you will discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bralettes and bras and why they are so very differentfrom one another. read more

13 Best Bras For Large Busts [Full Guide]

Finding a bra that fits comfortably and offers the right amount of desired support at the right bra size can be a challenge, especially for women with larger breasts. Coming from someone with larger boobs, I can relate to those sick and tired of trying on bras, only to be left with something sub-par (at the least). read more

7 Best Strapless Bras Of 2022

We’ve all been there. You find a beautiful dress that’s Red Carpet worthy, only to realize that’s it’s a strapless and backless dress design. You’ll need a strapless bra to pull it off (otherwise — hello, undergarments). But finding a high-quality strapless bra that still provides some comfort and support can be challenging — especially for those with larger busts. read more