Are Open Cup Lingerie Styles Right for Me?

One of the best things about lingerie is the variety of styles that are available.  From reserved, more traditional styles, to the ultra risque and erotic styles.  We’d venture to guess that the open cup lingerie styles that we offer at Foxy Lingerie would fall into the later categories.  But, how do you know if an open cup style is right for you?

Well, we get asked this question a lot – would you recommend an open cup bra or open cup teddy style for my next lingerie purchase?  The answer is actually rather simple – it all depends on your tastes and what you’re comfortable wearing around the bedroom.  If you like wearing more traditional styles of lingerie then these open cup styles are probably not for you. If you’re looking for something a little more erotic and or you’re  more of the adventurous type, then by all means give them a try.

So, what are some styles that you can try?  Lets go over some of our more popular cupless lingerie styles that we have on the site.

By far, the most popular open cup style we’ve sold in the last year or so is our Stretch Lace Open Cup Shelf Bra, from Dreamgirl.  This is an easy to wear sexy bra style that you can add to your intimates drawer and really give your partner a treat.  Pair it with a set of pasties (sold separately) to create an incredibly sexy look.

Stretch Lace Open Cup Shelf Bra from Dreamgirl

The second most popular open cup style is, again, another bra from our friends over at Dreamgirl; the Scalloped Stretch Lace Open Cup Shelf Bra.  Another great style to get your feet a little wet wearing open cup styles.  Create the ultimate look by pairing this bra with a pair of sexy panties and a set of pasties – your lover will love what he/she sees!

Scalloped Stretch Lace Open Cup Shelf Bra from Dreamgirl

Ok, these two bra lingerie styles are favorites of our customers, but our lingerie experts at Foxy Lingerie has a sexy new style for this year of their own that we just love.  We’re willing to bet that when it comes to sexy new 2019 lingerie styles, these will quickly become favorites of yours as well.

The Tantalizing Stretch Lace Strappy Elastic Teddy, from Shirley of Hollywood is quite the versatile style.  You can wear it with the cups pulled up over your breasts, or adjust it a bit and get that open cup style.  Further, with all the strappy open details, your partner is going to have a hard time focusing on any one part of your lovely body!

Tantalizing Stretch Lace Strappy Elastic Teddy

No matter your style, we’re confident that open cup lingerie styles like babydolls, chemises, bustiers, and bras are the perfect addition to any women’s intimate apparel wardrobe.  Our lingerie experts at Foxy Lingerie do their best to provide you, our customer, with accurate product descriptions and product photos so that you know exactly what you’re buying. So if you have a question or if you’re ever unsure of how a product might fit or look when you’re wearing it, just drop us a note and we’ll try to help you out the best we can.

2 Replies to “Are Open Cup Lingerie Styles Right for Me?”

    1. Well for one I think it would depend on how big or how small your breasts are. If they are on the small side then an open cup bra or lingerie piece may not be for you
      But if you do have big breast then if you feel comfortable wearing one then get one and try it out. I know your man will be happy if you were to get something like that. If you decide to get one would you mind sharing how you felt with it on or how it looks maybe share pics

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