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Sexy Bodysuit Lingerie Styles for 2019

The New Year has come and gone and that means our awesome lingerie designers are starting to ship their 2019 lingerie styles to our warehouse. What’s so exciting about this time of year is checking out all the great sexy styles that they have to offer – and this year certainly isn’t a disappointment! We’ve been hard at work adding lots of great new styles and we wanted to take a break from scouring catalogs, cropping images, and writing product copy to tell you about a category of lingerie products that we’re super excited – Bodysuit Lingerie Styles! read more

Spice Things Up with an Open Cup Bra

When you typically think of a bra, you think of that every day bra that you wear to work, the supermarket, or out to dinner with friends or family.  But what about those moments when you want to spice up your love life in the bedroom?  That everyday bra might not be exactly what you want.  You should definitely consider turning to an open cup bra which is one of the more erotic pieces of lingerie that we carry on our site.  The open cup bra, which is sometimes called a cupless bra or a shelf bra, has no support cups like your regular bra that we were just talking about above.  This style won’t provide the coverage of your breasts and nipples that you’re accustomed to – and this is ok because you’re looking for something that will make both you and your partner hot and excited. read more

Are Open Cup Bras Comfortable & Right for Me?

Some of the most popular items we sell on Foxy Lingerie are open cup bras and open cup shelf bras that we sell from designers like Shirley of Hollywood and Dreamgirl.  Some customers have questions regarding fit, while others have questions regarding materials and style.  One question that’s always on a customers mind though is, “Are Open Cup Bras Comfortable”?  That question flows right into the next, which is, “Are They Right for Me?”  In this post, we’ll discuss both since they’re fairly related. read more

Find the Perfect Swimsuit For Your Summer At Foxy Lingerie

The summer is here and it is extra hot this year, so it may be time to show a little more skin! With the change in season, you might find yourself hanging out in a swimsuit a little more often. Just because you want to go the beach doesn’t mean you have to wear the same old swimsuit that everyone else is wearing. We understand the struggle of finding a swimsuit that fits your body and personality, so we’re here to help you find a great and affordable swimsuit that will tag along with you and your summer adventures. read more

Top Tips To Keep Your Lingerie In Great Shape

We get lots of questions from our customers about how to care for their lingerie – especially the pieces that they love and want to last a long time. Since lingerie is made out of delicate materials that react different to heat and chemicals than other fabrics, you do want to be careful about how you wash your new purchases. Luckily, lingerie care doesn’t have to be hard if you know just a few basic things. read more

5 Tips To Help Your Bra Fit Perfectly

Finding a bra that fits you perfectly can seem really complicated. We’ve all experienced the pain and annoyance that comes with a bra that fits badly: straps that constantly slip off your shoulders, underwires that pinch and ride up and a bra band that seems to constantly shift around. Today we’re here to save you from a life of uncomfortable bras with five easy tips. read more

What Bridal Lingerie Styles are Perfect for Your Body Type?

Bridal season is in full swing, which means many of you are stocking up on some honeymoon treats! We carry a fairly wide bridal selection, which means it can be hard to pick the one item that will work best for you and your body. Today we’re here to help! We’re featuring six of our favorite bridal items, along with some recommendations for what sorts of body types they will work best for. read more

Top Sleepwear Picks from Foxy Lingerie

While we obviously adore lingerie around here, but if we had to pick a second favorite category it would definitely be sleepwear. Sexy bras and panties are great, but it’s hard to beat a silky and pretty sleep set when you’re ready to lounge around the house in the evenings. Today we’ve picked out six of our most affordable favorites for you! read more

Sexy Spring Time Lingerie Styles

Spring has crept in pretty slowly this year, although if you look you can definitely start to see signs of it! Spring is one of our favorite seasons to be outdoors, but it’s also a great time for another activity – cleaning out your lingerie drawer! Spring can be a great time to get rid of the stuff that is worn out and doesn’t fit, while also stocking up on some new stuff that makes you look and feel great. Today we’re highlighting six of our favorite spring lingerie pieces for all sizes! read more

6 Perfect Honeymoon Lingerie Pieces from Foxy Lingerie

Wedding season is in full swing, which means we’re seeing tons of brides starting to think about what they’re going to wear on the big day – and beyond! We’ve spent lots of time picking out the best bridal pieces for all shapes and sizes, but like everyone, we have to admit that even we have a few stand-out favorites. Whether you’re jetting off to an island for your honeymoon or merely staying in a glamorous hotel, we’ve got you covered. read more