Guide to Buying Boyshorts

Ladies, let’s face it.  There are tons of different panty styles out there.  With so many choices, you need to know what’s what and when you should wear certain styles.  Some styles are a little harder to come by than others.  The fact is, there seem to be tons of thong style panties out there, but not a ton of really comfortable boy short styles.  Everyone wants a thong so you don’t see that dreaded panty line, but guess what, you can get the same effect out of a quality boy short PLUS get what that thong can’t give you – COMFORT! read more

New Shirley of Hollywood 2017 Lingerie Styles

As we’ve blogged about before in our blog post announcing 2017 spring lingerie styles, the designers we carry were hard at work coming up with new sexy designs for 2017 and we were expecting items to come in stock very soon.  Well, that time has finally arrived with some amazing new styles from our friends out of California, Shirley of Hollywood.  We’re always thrilled when these guys get us a new catalog full of super sexy and classic looking lingerie designs.  The quality is always high and our customers are never disappointed when they open a package of new lingerie that they’ve ordered from us. read more

Lingerie Customers Ask: What Makes Lingerie Sexy?

There are so many different lingerie styles available for sale both online and in your classic brick & mortar lingerie stores.  Every day, our inbox is full of so many questions about the difference between the products that we offer versus the products that you can find elsewhere.  What exactly makes our items “sexy” compared to what you might find at Target or Walmart?  Why is one style considered sexy and another style is considered…well…ho hum? read more

Spring 2017 Lingerie Styles Arriving Now!

It might be a little hard to believe it, especially if you live in the North or Northeast U.S., but spring is on its way.  Soon enough the snow will melt away, the sun will shine high again, the flowers will be popping up and birds will start chirping again.  What’s even better than this?  Well 2017 sexy lingerie styles arriving that’s what!  We’ve been getting in new catalogs almost daily lately and we have to tell you…we’re super excited with what we’re seeing as we flip through these pages. read more

Foxy Lingerie 2016 Cyber Monday Sale

It’s that time of year again!  Thanksgiving has come and gone and our bellies are full of yummy turkey and trimmings.  We’ve survived the early morning trips to the stores on Black Friday to get all sorts of deals on clothing, gadgets, and more for our friends and family.  That means all that’s left is Cyber Monday when hundreds of online retailers offer great discounts on their products to kick off the holiday shopping season.  Well, Foxy Lingerie is no different than the rest which means that our 2016 Cyber Monday Sale has officially started! read more

New Fall & Holiday Lingerie Styles Now Available!

With the end of the year comes the Holiday Season.  Thanksgiving is upon us and soon will Christmas and the New Year.  Every year, we look forward to this time of year to spend quality time with our family and friends.  But another reason to look forward to the holidays, if you’re a lingerie fan anyway, is the fall and holiday collections that come from our friends at Shirley of Hollywood, Coquette, and Dreamgirl.  As always, they’ve been hard at work creating some really unique and affordable styles for our customers. read more

Garter Belts: Why Wear Them?

When you’re buying lingerie, sometimes you’re in a hurry and you’ll settle just for a simple sexy bra and panty set to wear for an intimate encounter.  Other times you have a little more time on your hand to really put some thought into your lingerie purchase to really make that intimate moment one that you’ll always remember.  You browse all sorts of lingerie styles from corsets to bustiers to baby dolls.  But what about that simple bra and panty set?  Can you enhance it any more to really make it something special? read more

What is an Open Cup Bra?

We love answering customer questions – especially when our customer is new to buying sexy lingerie.  Believe it or not, a lot of women are just used to buying what they see as they’re walking through a big box store. When they’re looking for something a little spicier, it can be a little difficult to know exactly where to start.  Well, that’s why your lingeire expertes here at Foxy Lingerie are here – we love to help! So, get ready as we explain exactly what an open cup bra is and when you should consider wearing one. read more

Are Corsets Bad For Your Body?

We’re always excited to hear from our amazing Foxy Lingerie customers – especially when they have questions about our amazing products.  One customer, who has never purchased a corset before, was curious if she bought one if it would be bad for her body.  The answer is pretty straightforward – though I think a lot of folks would think there might be a lot of technical reasons why a corset could be bad for your figure. read more

Foxy Lingerie Sale!

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween 2016 and is looking forward to the amazing lingerie styles that come out each and every fall!  We’re excited as well at since we’ve had a glimpse of what’s coming from our top designers like Shirley of Hollywood, Dreamgirl, and Coquette.  But this post isn’t about new products that are on the way, its about the styles that we have to clear out of the warehouse in order to make room for the new stuff! read more