Alice in Wonderland Inspired Costumes for 2018

Alice in Wonderland is a story that simply transcends time.  Generations of both young adults and adults alike have grown fond of this classic story which has become a cornerstone of fantasy literature.  With its quirky characters, fantastic descriptions of nature (fantasy based nature scenes anyway), and glorious story telling, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have a way of pulling you right into the story.  Needless to say, with so many fans of such a great story exist, Hollywood is bound to try and re-create what we’ve done in our own imaginations in popular films.  Countless directors and producers have taken their own crack at bringing this classic tale to the silver screen – both in live action and animated films.  These days, any time a story of this popularity hits the theatre, especially when they feature top notch acting talent and have multi-million dollar budgets, it’s bound to inspire lines of toys and collectibles for fans to buy up and enjoy.

Alice In Wonderland Costumes 2018

When it comes to brining these characters to life for real, costumes, especially in time for Halloween, play a pivotal role in getting into character.  For the last few years, Dreamgirl has been iterating on their own line of costume styles inspired by this amazing story for both men and women alike to enjoy.  With so many fantastic options to choose from, you can easily dress up as your favorite character without having to bother with the process of creating a custom costume or breaking the bank buying something that’s of exact movie quality.  You can get a style that will last a few years for a reasonable price anywhere online.  With all of that said, however, lets take a closer look at some of the more popular Alice in Wonderland inspired costume styles for the 2018 Halloween season.

Beyond Wonderland Women’s Costume

Peering through the looking glass never looked so good!  You can’t have the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland without the lovely Alice herself.  If you’re ready for your adventures in Wonderland, say taking that look through the looking glass or falling down the white rabbit’s hole, then you’ll be in luck to find our Beyond Wonderland Women’s Costume.

Beyond Wonderland Women's Costume

We’re huge fans of this costume and we think every Halloween party should include the charming and sweet Alice herself.  This costume features the storybook inspired dress with sequined heart and spade trim along with the soft blue velvet bodice.  If you’ve always fancied dressing up as Alice, then you’ll definitely fancy the price on this amazing costume at just $59.95.  Pick up the striped thigh highs, and additional petticoat, and the thigh high bow toppers to complete the exact look you see here.  This style is also available in larger sizes in our Beyond Wonderland Plus Size Women’s Costume as well!

Hatter Madness Men’s Costume

Madness seemed to consume the Mad Hatter but maybe he was just confused?  Eccentric?  Maybe all three.  Either way this character almost makes the more recent Alice in Wonderland movie that featured the eccentric Jonny Depp and lovely Mia Wasikowska a must see.  With the fantastic performances from the two main actors as well as the amazing scenes provided by teh CGI team, it sure was a fun movie to watch.

Hatter Madness Men's CostumeThis men’s costume is perfect, especially if your girl really wants to be dressed up as the lovely Alice.  Feel as outrageous as the original character dressed in the brown velvet jacket featuring uneven pockets and purple trim.  The complete costume includes the diamond print vest with polka dot buttons and attached purple dickey.  Add the pants and boots shown to really complete the ultimate Mad Hatter costume look, for just $58.95!

Queen Of Hearts Women’s Costume

You can’t have Alice in Wonderland without the venerable and evil Queen of Hearts!  At the climactic end of the story when Alice meets the Queen, we’re sure that she’s done for.  But Alice has help from her newfound friends and is up for the challenge.  Given the importance of this character to the story, its a forgone conclusion that there should be an amazing costume to dress up in.  That’s why Dreamgirl made sure not to forget to offer us the Queen of Hearts Women’s Costume so that you could dress up as the queen in all her glory.

Queen of Hearts Women's Costume

This sexy costume style features an amazingly detailed costume with a dress with soft velvet bodice, embroidered rhinestone heart and sequin trim, and a multi-layered satin heart printed skirt.  Accessories also included with this amazing four piece costume set; tiara, choker with rhinestone heart, and collar with attached cape.  Round out the style with the gloves, an additional petticoat, and heart style thigh highs.  You’ll be proud to dress up as the Queen, even after spending a little extra to get the right look starting at $69.95.

Those are just a few of the amazing costume styles that we’re offering this year from Dreamgirl.  We have a few more Alice in Wonderland themed costume to choose from.  If you’d like to dress up as the White Rabbit or even that magical Cheshire Cat, we have a couple styles that might meet your fancy.  If its outside of Halloween season, these costumes are still a great choice for a play or production – at least if you’re ok with more of a sexier edge to the dress.  Either way, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these styles for years to come!

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