Popular Costume Styles After Halloween

Sexy costumes don’t have to just be a once a year thing for Halloween.  You might need something a little risky for a party, for a production you’re performing in, or you just want to take it up a notch with your partner and do a little bit of roleplaying.  No matter what the event or need is, we have you covered – or sometimes lack thereof – in one of our sexy costumes for women.  Yes, we know its early spring and you’re probably more geared up for a sexy swimsuit for your next trip, but we’ve compiled a list of our most popular and sexy styles that customers come back to purchase no matter what time of the year it happens to be.

1.  Princess Leia Slave Costume

Princess Leia Slave Costume

This is probably the quintessential costume from the Star Wars movie series.  Not only that, we tend to sell many of these to Star Wars fans and women looking for that sexy and edgy look alike.  An officially licensed Star Wars costume, from Rubies Costume Company, the Leia slave costume features top, briefs with skirt, belt, choker and headpiece.  Cared for properly, you can wear this outfit for years and years to come.  Break it out for Halloween, your friends Star Wars party, or one of the movies that Lucas Film is releasing year after year.  Last Jedi just came out, next is Solo, then Episode 9 after that.  Plenty of opportunity to get your monies worth from this amazing women’s costume.  You definitely want to add the Princess Leia Slave Costume to your collection of Star Wars outfits!

2. Miss Mischief Dark Angel Costume

Miss Mischief Dark Angel Costume

The Miss Mischief Dark Angel Costume is the angel that most certainly fell from heaven, but she’s one of the more popular costume styles that we sell on Foxy Lingerie.  We have customer after customer ordering this dark angel costume to create an edgier look either for an off season party or the hot Halloween party of the year.  This three-piece costume set includes a textured faux leather mock neck bodysuit with lace inset, matching lace gloves, and a halo accessory.  Add the matching black angel feather wings to complete a stunning outfit.  When it comes to finding the perfect black angel costume style for your next event, this style from Forplay is the perfect choice!

3.  Cuffing Season Sexy Cop Costume

Cuffing Season Sexy Cop Costume

Ahhh, sexy cop costumes.  You haven’t dressed up as the perfect sexy police officer until you’ve worn the Cuffing Season Sexy Cop Costume, from Forplay.  This edgy style offers an exotic (or maybe just down right erotic!) look that will certainly turn heads as you walk into the room.  This costume features sexy metallic style material used to create crop top with official looking patches and waisted shorts connected with a sexy criss-cross detail.   Complete the set with the hat, gloves, and handcuff accessories that are sold separately.

4.  Fiery Feline Sexy Devil Costume

Fiery Feline Sexy Devil Costume

The sexy devil – does anything scream Halloween and devilish deeds like the perfect women’s devil Halloween costume?  The Fiery Feline Sexy Devil Costume, from Forplay, features a textured matte bodysuit with matching headband.  Accessorize with mask, devils tail whip, and sexy boots to complete an amazing look.  Don’t let the angels at the party have all the fun, be the devil that creates havoc in every room you walk into!

We all know sexy costumes are a staple each and every Halloween.  What you want to remember though is you can always find an excuse to order one of these costumes online for some other occasion – be it a party, cosplay event, or a local comicon conference.  People just love to dress up and taking it to the next level with one of our amazing costume styles is the perfect way to go!

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