Fetish Lingerie Styles for 2018 from Dreamgirl

There’s simply nothing wrong with wanting to spice things up or change your routine form the regular sexy lingerie styles that you’ve been wearing.  Everyone has a hidden fantasy or wouldn’t mind having their partner dominate them one evening to have a little fun.  It spices up your love life, keeps things fresh, and is nothing close to boring.  That’s why we’re super stoked to be offering our customers some of the edgy fetish lingerie styles from Dreamgirl, fresh from their 2018 lingerie collection.  These styles feature chains, clamps, more solid materials, open cups, straps, and more.  With so many different styles to choose from, and even those available in plus sizes, we’re confident that you’ll want to be dominant or dominated in something you see below.  So, without further commentary, here are our favorite picks from the 2018 Dreamgirl fetish lingerie selection!

1. Dominatrix Strappy Teddy

Dominatrix Strappy Teddy

We posted this awesome piece on Instagram a little while back and the response from our fans was overwhelming – we love this!  If you’re looking to spice things up a bit and be a little adventurous, we highly recommend you give the Dominatrix Strappy Teddy, from Dreamgirl, a whirl.   With the strap, metal ring, and pyramid stud trim, we’re sure both you and he will enjoy a night of memories.  What’s better, if you’re really feeling spirited and want to be dominating, the matching lease is also included.  At just $25.95, this is an amazing value for what is sure to be a ton of fun in the bedroom.  Fetish lingerie can be fun, flirtatious, and more.  Nobody said it had to be intimidating!

2.  Draped Chain Teddy

Draped Chain Teddy

The Dreamgirl Instagram page actually featured this style around the same time that we posted the Dominatrix Strappy Teddy above and their fans went wild too.  Maybe its the leather jacket that they were into (which isn’t included) – but we think the fetish lingerie fans were into the look of this amazing teddy with chain details.  The Draped Chain Teddy, for just $35.95, is the perfect style to add to your lingerie collection if you’re looking for something a little more edgy and fun.  This cool teddy features a stretch knit, faux-leather look, that looks so close to leather we have a hard time telling the difference sometimes.  Also featured is a halter neck look, draped chain details, and a thong back with snap together crotch.  Pick this piece up and enjoy a night of fun with your lover!

3. Collared Dominatrix Teddy

ollared Dominatrix Teddy

Yeah, another teddy, but we find the fetish lingerie lines feature a lot of these and for good reason.  They just have that dominating look to them, and the Collared Dominatrix Teddy from Dreamgirl absolutely screams that dominatrix look!  Everyone knows that dominatrix look – leather, straps, the dominating and controlling look and this style will let you achieve that and more.  This amazing fetish style features a stretch knit, faux-leather material with a plunging halter neckline, a functioning front-to-back zipper, criss-cross elastic details, and a tie back closure with sexy thong backside.  What’s better, the matching choker necklace is also included.  So pair this item with a pair of sexy thigh highs, faux-leather boots, and have a little romp around the bedroom with your lover.  He or she will thank you for it for days!

So, there you have it.  Some edgy new fetish lingerie styles from Dreamgirl for the 2018 season.  We’re getting a lot of feedback from our fans that they’d like to see more of these styles on the site, so we’re scouring catalogs from some other designers to see if we can find some items that you guys will love.  Our standards are pretty high though, so they have to be well made, hot designs, and of course well priced.  We know you guys don’t want to be breaking the bank when you’re picking up some new lingerie.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more hot lingerie styles from Foxy Lingerie!

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