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With so many purchases occurring online these days, chances are your next sexy lingerie purchase will be from a lingerie store on the web than in a physical store. Obviously this comes with pros and cons so we’re here to help guide you through some of the things you should consider before making that all important purchase. At we’re all about educating our customers as much as we are selling them some intimate apparel so we’ll walk you through some of the things to think about going forward.

What Lingerie Style Are You Considering?

Have you given any thought to the style that you want? There are so many different styles to choose form starting with looser fitting garments like a babydoll or chemise. If you’re looking for something that will really accentuate your figure, then consider a bustier or corset. These styles of lingerie will really boost your already beautiful figure with features designed to enhance cleavage and slim your waist. If you’re really feeling a little edgier, then consider a crotchless bodystocking or one of our super sexy bra & panty sets (that many times feature a crotchless panty). No matter what style you might fancy, we have so many for you to choose from in many sizes and amazing colors.

What Type of Material Do You Prefer?

Not only does sexy lingerie come in many different styles, they also come in all sorts of different materials. From mesh to silk to lycra and blends of all of those, you’ll want to have an idea of what you think you’ll be comfortable in. Many of our products include very specific details on the materials that they’re made with and how much of each material is included in a blend. If you ever have a question about the materials used to manufacture a product, you should ask us because each manufacturer can do things a little different from another.

Do You Know Your Sizing?

This might be the ultimate question when it comes to purchasing any clothing online. Because you can’t physically try on what you’re looking at, knowing your dimensions is really key here. Know what your waist size, bust size, cup size, and dress size are going in to browsing any selection of intimate apparel styles. When it comes to sizing atypical styles like open cup bras or shelf bras that don’t have a full cup, you’ll still want to know your cup size but more importantly your bust size. These items also come with adjustable straps so you get just the perfect fit. When it comes to shopping for a corset, know what your waist size is (and it doesn’t hurt to know your bust and cup size either). Many corsets are sized by waist since that is the part of your body they focus on. All of the products you see on Foxy Lingerie feature a customized size chart built specifically for that product and is based on information we get from the designer.

Size Chart from Foxy Lingerie

What’s Your Budget?

Another important factor is the budget that you’re shopping with. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on some lingerie when you really need it for something else. You also don’t have to break the bank to find something that is super sexy and you’ll really enjoy wearing for your partner. So m any styles on our site are available for $25 to $40 which makes it super affordable to buy something sexy that you’ll want to wear over and over again.

To wrap things up, its really important to know several different things before making a lingerie purchase. Know what style of lingerie interests you, what materials do you prefer to wear, have your body dimensions written down to find something that will fit, and know how much money you want to spend. Keeping all of these things in mind will ensure that not only do you have an enjoyable shopping experience but you also purchase something that you’ll be happy with. When in doubt drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through some different styles that we offer so you can find that perfect sexy lingerie style.

Stay tuned for more tips and suggestions on buying lingerie from your experts at Foxy Lingerie. As we said, we’re dedicated to educating our customers as well as providing excellent products and customer service. We’ll have more posts in the future about buying the perfect bra, choosing the ultimate sexy panty, and finding a designer that fits your tastes!

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  1. I want to get my wife some sexy lingerie for Xmas. But, I know as much about lingerie as I do about rocket science. Could you please guide me what would be a safe purchase?

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