Ditch the Plain Jane, Embrace the Bodystocking Lingerie Chain

In the world of women’s undergarments, bodystocking lingerie holds quite a special position. It’s among the most desirable pieces of lingerie that every girl wishes to have in her closet for those intimate moments. What makes it so special is that it can be discreetly worn with any outfit, enhancing your sexual appeal to a whole new level.  But can something so smooth and sleek also be a challenge to, well, get on? We’ll find out.

Halter Neck Open Bodystocking

Let’s start with the definition.

What is Bodystocking Lingerie?

Bodystocking lingerie is an immaculate piece of clothing that hugs the body in a sexy way and highlights all of your desirable features. If worn the right way, it can be the most seductive of lingerie, subtly revealing and tempting your lover, offering a hint of skin through erotic and sheer materials. 

Bodystocking lingerie comes in multiple styles, giving you the freedom to experiment with a plethora of options. However, a common challenge concerning bodystocking faced by women is figuring out how to put one on without feeling like a contortionist. No worries—we’ve got your back (and your front) with some easy tips!

Crazy For You Bodystocking

How to Put on Bodystocking Lingerie:

Bodystockings are a lingerie staple, but feeling confident in them starts with putting them on correctly.  Here’s how to do so:

  1. Bodystockings are similar to tights but a more extended version that effectively covers the busts, hips, legs, and feet. Start by scrunching from the top end (the hip end) until you reach the toe end. Make sure you have the whole thing in your hands. 
  2. Start by putting one foot inside, preferably your dominant foot, and make sure you get everything from toe to heel. Then, gradually start pulling it up, making sure that no extra gaps occur. Stop once you reach the knee.
  3. If you are standing up till now, it’s better to sit down to avoid tumbling. Just like the first foot, repeat the same with your other foot. Ensure that fittings in both legs look alike from toe to knee.
  4. It’s time to move up to the hips section. While making sure that no extra wrinkles appear, slowly push the bodystocking up while keeping up the pressure from the scrunched part.
  5. Next comes the examination step. In this step, you will have to make sure that everything feels comfortable. Tuck in the remaining part and try to move your lower body in some common positions. Take your time, as this might involve a lot of wiggle and jiggle. 
  6. Once you’ve checked comfort, you’ll have to check for positioning. Move in front of a full-sized mirror and check whether the bodystocking lingerie highlights the featured parts. If you have an open crotch or an open rear, ensure that these parts of the lingerie align with the body.
  7. Take a breather because you’re halfway done. Now, you’ll have to do the same with the upper body. Scrunch the remaining bodystocking and gently pull it up your upper body till the busts.
  8. Well, now comes the hard part, which is to pull it up your breasts. Use both the thumbs and make sure you pull it up in a manner that both are covered at the same time. You might have to repeat this, but don’t worry girl; it happens to the best of us. 
  9. Now, it’s all a cakewalk. It’s time to pop the arms out. Similar to the legs, go for the dominant arm first and then the other one until both shoulders are covered. If your bodystocking lingerie involves laces or fasteners, then just fasten everything up.
  10. Ta Da! Well, there you have it. If you need some personal touch-ups, work on them, and you will be up and ready with the bodystocking that sits comfortably and highlights the best parts of yourself. 

We hope we have made these steps clear on how to Put on bodystocking lingerie. Now, let’s move on to another interesting topic.

Butterfly Fishnet Bodystocking

Important Tips for Wearing Bodystockings

  • Experiment with Styles: Bodystocking lingerie is a very personal piece of clothing, and it might take time to find what best complements your body.
  • Handle with Care: Bodystocking’s fabrics are quite delicate. Remember to handle it gently, as it can easily damage or tear. Or not if you like it rough when things start to get hot.
  • Use a Mirror: Body stockings must be properly fitted, or else their purpose is lost. So, unlike other clothes, wearing body stockings requires a mirror.
  • Pair it with Outfits: Pairing bodystockings with different clothing items for versatile looks can add extra flair to your overall appearance.

Wear Gloves: How often do we see a finger popping out of the fishnet, isn’t it? To avoid any such embarrassment that kills the mood, it’s advisable to wear the same colored gloves.

Where to buy Bodystocking Lingerie?

The internet is a jungle of options, and the hunt for the perfect bodystocking can feel endless, like scrolling through pages of options. And some of those options might leave you feeling lost in the sauce! At FoxyLingerie, we’ve got the widest variety of bodystocking lingerie for you, all conveniently in one place. Click here to explore! 


Bodystockings allow you to embrace your inner goddess and ignite personal moments with a touch of luxurious comfort. But let’s be honest, getting them on must never feel like wrestling a particularly stubborn octopus. Follow the above steps to put them on and enjoy the moments effortlessly without snagging them or getting all hot and bothered.

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