Lingerie ideas to spice up your wedding: Tips on Choosing the Best Bridal Lingerie

Every girl dreams of her big day all along and wishes to be in the best possible attire of her life on her wedding day. And by attire, we not only mean the outfit, such as the wedding gown, veil and hairstyle, BUT it also means picking out the perfect bridal lingerie set. Since this choice will be a part of the most memorable time in a woman’s life, revisiting every minute detail is essential. The right colors, silhouettes, fit or fabrics, these crucial details add up while finalizing your bridal lingerie.

Trust us on this one: The wedding jitters, performances, and preparations will all come to life once you have the perfect bridal lingerie to support you on your special day and night.

What is Bridal Lingerie?

Bridal lingerie isn’t just any regular set of undergarments; it’s like the secret ingredient that makes you feel extra special, confident, and, to be honest, a little bit like a sexy princess.

There are two types of bridal lingerie – for your wedding day and wedding night.

The bridal lingerie style offers much-needed comfort and support for the day’s ceremony. But when the celebration winds down and it’s just you and your beloved new spouse, your selected bridal lingerie will make you look absolutely stunning, offering a sweet surprise that adds extra magic to your wedding night.

Since you know what, it’s time to understand why choosing the correct bridal lingerie set is necessary.

Why is choosing the right bridal lingerie important?

Your wedding day (and all the fabulous events leading up to and following it) should be all about you feeling your absolute best. However, a poor selection of lingerie for the bridal event can completely throw off everything.

Let us put it this way. Imagine yourself rocking a stunning wedding dress, but underneath, you’re stuck with uncomfortable, ill-fitting lingerie. Your “day of joy” slowly turns into a “day of misery”. Every now and then, you are being forced to head to the changing room and make unnecessary adjustments. Sounds not fun, right?

Choosing the right bridal lingerie gives you that perfect blend of comfort and confidence to easily glide through the day.

Ideas for your bridal Lingerie Set to get inspiration from:

  • Go with Multiple Options: A wedding day is full of unexpected crises. Housekeeping misplacing your bag or a glass of wine getting spilled on dresses are some of the common challenges you might encounter. So, it’s ideal to keep a few options for bridal lingerie. Moreover, the wedding day is a long day, and you might need to change your delicates more than a few times throughout the day.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute: Delaying shopping for bridal lingerie is not a good idea. It’ll only increase your stress. Remember, finding the perfect set of lingerie is as important as finding the perfect dress—it takes time. Give yourself enough time to try different styles, play with colours, and ensure the lingerie complements your dress perfectly.
  • Ensure Perfect Fit & Try it on multiple times—“Oh, I’ll just grab my usual size and be done with it.” That’s the biggest mistake brides make while finalizing their wedding lingerie. You must try it multiple times and keep room for factors such as hormones and stress, which can (and will) cause changes in your size. That would be a wedding day surprise you never asked for.  
  • Consider Quality Fabrics with Long-Lasting Comfort—Your wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ll have so many things to cover, like ceremony, photos, dinner, dancing, etc., that it’ll be hours in the same lingerie. Say no to anything that has a slight chance of leaving you feeling itchy, irritated, or uncomfortable. Go for quality fabrics: bridal lingerie that can breathe better, move with you and keep you comfy all day and night.
  • Add Volume & Bring out the Best of Yourself: When deciding on a bridal lingerie set, you must always look for options that can add a little extra oomph and highlight your best assets! Small details such as enhanced curves and the right amount of added volume make a big difference in your overall look while adding an extra boost of confidence. 

Since we are on the topic of lingerie that brings out the best in you on your wedding day, here are some go-to options.

5 Best Bridal Lingerie:

We have narrowed down the top 5 picks guaranteed to make you feel like the ultimate bridal babe:


Flirty and fun, the BabyDoll is perfect for twirling and feeling like a bridal bombshell.


Sleek and sexy, the Chemise hugs your curves in all the right places for a stunning silhouette.

Open Cup Bridal Teddy

Bold and daring, the Open Cup Bridal Teddy is all about making a jaw-dropping statement.

Lace Robe

Elegant and enchanting, the Lace Robe is perfect for getting ready and adds a touch of glam to your bridal look.

Two Piece

This classic combo gives you the freedom to mix and match for a look that’s totally yours.

Are you feeling inspired? Don’t wait! Shop these stunning bridal lingerie pieces from Foxy Lingerie and make sure your special day is as perfect as can be!

Wrapping Up Your Bridal Lingerie Adventure

Lingerie is an essential aspect of a bride. It can make or break everything. If the bridal lingerie is not right it will ruin the whole outfit, your entire confidence, your special day, leaving you feeling more frazzled than fabulous. 

So choose wisely. After all, when you feel your best, you’ll shine like the radiant bride you are!

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