Garter Belts: Why Wear Them?

When you’re buying lingerie, sometimes you’re in a hurry and you’ll settle just for a simple sexy bra and panty set to wear for an intimate encounter.  Other times you have a little more time on your hand to really put some thought into your lingerie purchase to really make that intimate moment one that you’ll always remember.  You browse all sorts of lingerie styles from corsets to bustiers to baby dolls.  But what about that simple bra and panty set?  Can you enhance it any more to really make it something special?

The answer is absolutely!  Take the Sexy Stretch Bra & Thong Set that we sell on for example.  This is a great style that we’ve sold to many a happy customer.  Its your basic bra and thong panty set…but it could be so much more!  How about pairing it with one of our amazing garter belt styles?  You can really enhance the look of that thong panty with sexy garter belt and while you’re at it, add in a pair of our signature thigh high stockings.  This gives you a great lingerie ensemble without breaking the bank on a more expensive corset or bustier which can run you $60 and more just for that item alone.  At the end of the day you could get all of this great lingerie for probably just a little more than that more expensive style would cost you.

It really pays to pair lingerie styles together, especially as you purchase more and more lingerie.  Really think how you can leverage inexpensive pieces like garter belts to make the most out of your purchases!

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