What is an Open Cup Bra?

We love answering customer questions – especially when our customer is new to buying sexy lingerie.  Believe it or not, a lot of women are just used to buying what they see as they’re walking through a big box store. When they’re looking for something a little spicier, it can be a little difficult to know exactly where to start.  Well, that’s why your lingeire experts at Foxy Lingerie are here – in fact, helping is our favorite thing to do when it comes to our fans! So, get ready as we explain exactly what an open cup bra is and when you should consider wearing one.

Exactly what is an Open Cup Bra?

So, lets start with answering the question of exactly what is an open cup bra?  Well, its basically a bra style that doesn’t have the material that would make up the front, or part of the front, of the cup in a traditional bra.  Many women will pair one with a babydoll or chemise to add a little excitement to their lingerie wardrobe for an exciting evening.  You can also find open cup shelf bras which offer that open feeling for the breast, but also lift it with added support underneath (usually in the form of underwire).  The effect of that shelf support is the same as you might find in an everyday camisole or tank top that offers you support for your bust.

Why Should I Wear an Open Cup Bra?

As stated above, many open cup bras pair great with another lingerie style like a chemise, babydoll, or lingerie gown.  It will add just that little bit of sexiness and excitement to the overall lingerie ensemble you’ve put together.  Don’t forget to be gentle with an open cup bra like you would with all of your other lingerie garments.  Taking care of these delicate fabrics and rich colors is key to keeping those items in great shape for years of enjoyment.

As with most lingerie styles, all open cup bra styles are designed with various patterns and materials.  We do our best to offer really accurate information when it comes to what products are made of and any bra you find on our site is no different.  If you ever have a question on the fit of a lingerie style or if it will be comfortable, feel free to drop us a note – we love to hear from our customers!

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