Are Corsets Bad For Your Body?

We’re always excited to hear from our amazing Foxy Lingerie customers – especially when they have questions about our amazing products.  One customer, who has never purchased a corset before, was curious if she bought one if it would be bad for her body.  The answer is pretty straightforward – though I think a lot of folks would think there might be a lot of technical reasons why a corset could be bad for your figure.

Everything in Moderation

Like so many other things you use or consume, its all about moderation.  You know what happens if you eat too much or too much of a single food, drink too much water, or even too much alcohol.  There are side-effects to most things.  The same goes for a corset.  If you wear one too often and for too long a period of time you might notice a slight change in your figure – especially if you tend to wear them really tight as some people do this for training their figure for a desired shape.  There are some corsets out there that are specifically designed to train your shape so make sure you’re buying the right type of corset for your needs (like the ones we offer for sale on our site!).

Picking the Right Corset Style

When it comes to picking the right option for you when it comes to all of the amazing corset lingerie styles that are available.  You have a few things to keep in mind.  First, how do the closures work?  Are there hook-eye closures on the side or in the back?  How much lacing is there in the back to give you the slimming effect you are looking for.  Always read a corset’s description so you know how putting it on will work for you (i.e. are you going to need help!).  Next, always check the size chart.  We offer highly detailed size charts on all of our products and our corsets are no different.  Check your size against the dimensions listed so that you know that the all of the measurements listed match your body’s.  Last, check the color, materials, and fit descriptions so you’re finding something that you’ll feel totally sexy in.  High resolution product images are key when checking out as many product angles as possible to know that what you’re looking at is perfect for you.

Find Your Corset!

The point of this post is that while corsets aren’t necessarily bad for you, wear them in moderation.  Use them to enhance your love life with your partner and to add in a little excitement.  Regardless of where you buy your next corset, from or from another online lingerie store, we hope that the information above has been helpful when it comes to your next purchase.  Remember, sexy lingerie gives you ability to have a little fun with a lingerie style that you might otherwise never wear.  As always, if you have any questions about corsets or other lingerie items that you see online, feel free to drop us a line and we’d be happy to help!

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