How to Find the Right Costume

There are so many styles of costumes out there, it can be very overwhelming to find the perfect one for you. What theme do I want to dress up as? Do I want something super sexy or a little more conservative? How many accessories are included with the costume? See, so many things to try and figure out.

What we recommend is that you first pick a style or theme that you’re really interested in. This will let you focus on a single grouping of costumes, like maid costumes. Now you’re not contending with 100’s of other themed costumes and now can hone in on more important things.

Now, what sort of budget are you on? Chances are most costumes cost within $10 of each other, but there are some more fancy styles that can cost $100 or more. These costumes are deluxe or prestige costumes that are made from higher quality materials and could be considered movie or production quality.

Last step is figuring out what accessories are already included, if any. Many costumes don’t include the accessories you see in the images so the cost can go up if you want to really complete that look. Think about stockings, or shoes, or any props you see that would really complete that costume you’re really looking for.

Halloween is supposed to be fun and not be stressful or break the bank. So take the above steps to find the right costume style for you this year!

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