Ahoy Matey – It’s Pirate Costumes

So, like we were saying in our previous post about many different styles of a costume theme, sexy pirate costumes are no different. We just spent the last 2 hours scouring the seven seas for the hottest and sexiest pirate costumes for you Foxy Lingerie fans. With all of these different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a pirate costume that fits your style and your budget.

When it comes to shopping for pirate costumes, we highly recommend you look for a style that you’ll be comfortable in.  It’s not just about looking great – you want to be able to wear that costume all night long no matter what you’re doing.  If you’re taking the kids trick or treating, you’re probably doing a lot of walking.  If you’re hanging out at a party, you’re probably doing a lot of standing and chatting it up with friends.  Also, don’t forget to pick out all of the fantastic pirate accessories that will make your costume choice a hit!

Halloween is that time of year when you can get away with almost dressing any way you want in the spirit of having a good time with your friends.  Pirate costumes aren’t the only fantastic styles that you can choose from either.  There are sexy nurses, vampires, and monsters that you can dress up as.  But, we’ve found that our fans are always drawn to the pirate style for their Halloween adventures.  We think we know why.   Pirate costumes let you feel like there’s a little bit of fantasy going and allow you to pretend that not only do you look hot, but you’d fit the bill for sailing the high seas looking for all of that treasure.

Don’t forget that we offer free standard shipping on all of our sexy costumes this Halloween and Express Shipping starts at just at $9.95.  With all of the great sexy costume styles that we have to offer on our site and at even better prices, you won’t want to shop anywhere else!

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