Lingerie Customers Ask: What Makes Lingerie Sexy?

There are so many different lingerie styles available for sale both online and in your classic brick & mortar lingerie stores.  Every day, our inbox is full of so many questions about the difference between the products that we offer versus the products that you can find elsewhere.  What exactly makes our items “sexy” compared to what you might find at Target or Walmart?  Why is one style considered sexy and another style is considered…well…ho hum?

Really, we think that it comes down to the design and materials that we use in all of the products that we sell.  You’ll notice that the majority of our styles are made from materials like sheer mesh, exquisite lace, criss-cross underwire patterns, and more.  Many times, a particular material or cut is used to make your partners imagination run wild.  We’ve found that some of the more popular bras we sell are shelf bras or open cup bras and many panties and g-strings we offer have an open crotch feature.  Because of these designs and the materials used, we suppose that you could wear these garments every day, you probably wouldn’t want to.  They’re just way better suited for a little fantasy play in the bedroom.  Further, these styles are also a lot more delicate than a bra or panty that is designed for every day use (which is why you want to care for your lingerie the best way possible).

Wild Stretch Chire & Mesh Gartered Chemise by Shirley of Hollywood

Another important differentiator between the sexy lingerie styles that we sell on Foxy Lingerie is the types of lingerie that we offer on our site.  We offer some really sexy teddies, lingerie costumes that are great for role play, and really sexy bra and panty sets.  These styles are made for an evening of fun with your partner and not to be worn out on the town.  We do offer some styles that can be used for a night out like some of our corsets or bustiers – which make great sexy and solid tops that you can pair up with a classic pair of jeans and high heels.

Beautiful Stretch Lace Peek A Boo Bustier by Shirley of Hollywood

Buying sexy lingerie does not have to be for a special occasion either.  Spice up your relationship with something different that we offer from our wide range of intimate styles.  Understanding what makes you feel sexy is as important as a style that you’re considering for purchase.  Not everyone has the same tastes or fits into lingerie types the same way.  So its equally important to know what you like to wear, how a style typically fits you, and if its something that you’ll feel not only sexy wearing but confident as well.

When it comes to shopping for sexy lingerie, we know that you have a lot of different choices – different shops, different designers, and different prices – that its important for us to help educate our customers on the Foxy Lingerie difference.  We’re really proud to offer the sexiest designs from top designers like Shirley of Hollywood and Dreamgirl, give you the most information possible to make a confident purchase, and then get your items to you as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy them.


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