Spice Things Up with an Open Cup Bra

When you typically think of a bra, you think of that every day bra that you wear to work, the supermarket, or out to dinner with friends or family.  But what about those moments when you want to spice up your love life in the bedroom?  That everyday bra might not be exactly what you want.  You should definitely consider turning to an open cup bra which is one of the more erotic pieces of lingerie that we carry on our site.  The open cup bra, which is sometimes called a cupless bra or a shelf bra, has no support cups like your regular bra that we were just talking about above.  This style won’t provide the coverage of your breasts and nipples that you’re accustomed to – and this is ok because you’re looking for something that will make both you and your partner hot and excited.

Lace Underwire Open Tip Bra

You might be asking yourself though, why would I want to consider an open cup bra instead of a sexy chemise or babydoll?  Well, you might just want to up that level of sensuality with your partner because the breast is bare to be seen and held in a more natural position.  But, because there is so much less coverage, you probably don’t want to wear this bra out on the town underneath a regular shirt or blouse.

Scalloped Stretch Lace Open Cup Shelf Bra

So, when it comes to getting frisky in the bedroom with your partner, an open cup bra or a cupless bra might just be the right style for you.  And hey, we have so many other great styles of sexy lingerie for you to pair your new open cup bra with.  We also offer a great selection of sexy and sensual panties such and open crotch panties and sexy boyshorts.  They’re available in a lot of different styles and colors – different materials that you might prefer over something else.  The product descriptions that Foxy Lingerie provides will give you all the details you need to make the proper buying choice.  From meticulously detailed descriptions of the products, to available sizes and colors, to customized size charts for each size available for that style – you’ll have all the information at your fingertips to find the perfect style for you.

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