Washing & Caring for Your Lingerie

No girl wants to buy a new piece of sexy lingerie, wear it once, and toss it out. Heck no! You want to create a “lingerie wardrobe” that you can call on time after time. The only way to build that up and not always be replacing your best stuff is to care for your lingerie…the same way you do the rest of your clothes. But here’s the catch; lingerie garments aren’t your t-shirts, jeans, socks, or underwear from the big box store. This stuff is delicate and requires a little extra attention when caring for it.

So, how do you know what to do? Well, the first thing is we try to add washing instructions where we can on all of our products. Also, knowing what your lingerie is made of helps too. You don’t want to wash something in hot water in your washing machine when you should have hand washed it in cool or cold water. Also, never use bleach or caustic soaps on your lingerie. That’s a recipe for disaster!

Lingerie garments made mostly from nylon should be hand or machine washed in cold water. Nylon requires a delicate touch and should be washed separately from other garments. This prevents other garments from pulling on the nylon creating runs or pulling the fabric apart. Also, like other lingerie items, don’t ever use bleach and heavy soaps or detergents. Use a detergent that is easy on the fabric.

Polyester is a material that you’ll want to wash in warm water; typically by hand. Polyester is similar to nylon in that its a very sensitive material, especially when it comes to intimate apparel. You can get pulls or runs in the material if you wash a polyester garment with other items. Also, keep in mind its usually a good idea to turn your garments inside out so that if you do accidentally wash it with another item, the different pieces of clothing are rubbing on the inside of your lingerie item, not the outside which you want to keep looking nice

Acetate is a material that’s used fairly rarely and is similar to polyester. Hand wash warm with a gentle detergent. If you have to machine wash the item, make sure its on the warm and gentle (or permanent press) cycle.

What about drying? We recommend that you hang dry all lingerie items. A lot of people think a washing machine is hard on your clothes but its the dryer where they really take a beating. All that lint that builds up in the lint trap in your dryer comes from your clothing! Keep them lasting longer by hang drying them, preferably inside. Many materials, especially when use in fabric as thin as they are in lingerie, are sensitive to the sun so if you’re hanging them outside, keep them in the shade.

Always consult the tag on your items to make sure that you’re caring for them the way the manufacturer intended. We do our best to pass that information on to you as accurately as possible, but the tag is where you’ll find out exactly how to care for your stuff. If you ever have a question on how to do so, feel free to get in touch with us, we’re here to help!

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