Sexy New 2015 Lingerie Styles from Coquette

Now that its the new year, that means that lingerie & costume designers are busy getting us their new 2015/2016 collections. For you, that means hot new lingerie, bras, and panty styles to add to your wardrobe. The first catalogs we got our hands on this year were from Coquette, who’ve come up with some awesome new styles this year. We’re super excited to share them with you guys and we’ve hand picked a couple of our favorites below to check out.

Coquette just happens to be the first brand to get us their new collections but we expect to have new styles soon from Dreamgirl, Leg Avenue, and others soon. If you hear of some brands you think we should carry, feel free to drop us a line and let us know. We’re happy to make sure we carry the styles our customers want to purchase and building new relationships with vendors is exciting for us too. We know that 2015 will promise to be an exciting year for lingerie and costume connoisseurs and we’re going to keep working our butts off to scour the industry for hot new brands and styles for you guys. Stay tuned!

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