Looking for Coquette Lingerie & Costumes

We absolutely love the bustier, babydoll, chemise and panty styles Coquette releases each and every year. They have some of the most creativity we've seen out of our top lingerie designers to bring fresh new styles to our customers. What's even better is they tend to release new items a few times a year. Their new releases are usually out early during the new year and then they'll release their fall costume styles and fall & holiday collection. They work non-stop to come up with the sexiest styles in women's intimate apparel and costumes. Also don't forget to checkout their La Petite Coquette collection as well for some cute and affordable lingerie styles. Coquette will for sure remain a favorite of Foxy Lingerie customers of many years to come!

What style of costumes does Coquette design?

Coquette is known for making really detailed and classic sexy costumes for our customers. Year in and year out we're totally thrilled with the designs that they come out with and our customers are thrilled with high quality Halloween costumes at prices that don't hurt their pocket book. For 2015 we're really excited to get our hands on their catalog so we can get their newest styles out into the hands of our customers.