Sexy Superhero Halloween Costumes

With so many sexy superhero costumes out there to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Well first, think about the style. Do you want something really sultry or even...slutty? Or maybe a little more conservative? Then check out the sizing options. What will fit your body type the best? No matter what you might be looking for we have so many great sexy super hero costume styles for you to select you'll find exactly what you need. From Superman to Batman to Spiderman, we've got them all. Even some more generic themed superhero costumes too. From top designers like Forplay, Leg Avenue, and Dreamgirl, the very best in sexy superhero Halloween costumes is available at affordable prices for our customers. No matter what your favorite super hero is, we've got the perfect costume for you!

Are these superhero costumes licensed?

Some of our superhero costumes are licensed by film studios like Marvel and DC Comics. Others aren't and thus don't use any of the copyrighted or trademarked features of those actual characters, like our typical selection of adult animal costumes. But, even if a costume isn't an officially licensed one, they can sometimes even look better than the real thing. So read the product descriptions carefully to find out if a costume is officially licensed or not (we generally try to tell our customers in the descriptions) to know exactly what it is you're ordering. If you ever have a product question feel free to contact us to speak with one of our product specialists. Also, don't forget to check out more of our amazing costume styles like our adult army costumes and our adult prisoner costumes for sexy looks that you and your friends will die for.