Shopping for Underwire Bras

The underwire, or under wire, bra which features some form of stiff material below the bust which helps lift the breast and provide support. Most of the time its made of a synthetic material but used to be made of actual wire "back in the day". Many of these underwire bras feature amazing fabrics like lace or mesh and come in several patterns. What's even better, many are available in a set which comes with a matching panty, like a thong, so you have a complete set. This style of bra is very popular by women because the addition of underwire to the garment prevents the natural sagging of the breast that can sometimes occur as time goes on. These bra styles are much different than those that are underwire-free given that there's metal or hard plastic built into the material below each cup. When you pick an underwire bra that fits you perfectly you get that lifting support that you're looking for and an enhanced shape that can give you confidence and make you feel more beautiful. Don't forget to also pick a bra that has adjustable straps and a hook-back closure so that you can get a perfect fit. Nothing is worse than a poor fitting brassiere.

Are Underwire Bras Safe?

There is no harm in wearing a bra with underwire support. While we aren't medical experts at Foxy Lingerie, we've done a little bit of research to know that underwire bras, when fit properly, won't cause any harm to a women's body. For more information on common fears people may have with different types of bras, we highly recommend checking out the Website for more information around wearing different types of bras like underwire bras.

What is the Purpose of an Underwire Bra?

The purpose of an underwire bra is to lift and support the breast. Many, when combined with a push up feature, can also shape the breast and offer more cleavage. All different types of bras incorporate underwire including shelf bras, demi-cup bras, and other types of clothing like tank tops and dresses.