Shopping for One-Piece Swimsuits

Maybe a sexy two-piece swimsuit isn't your thing. That's ok, we have your sexy body covered.. We have an amazing selection of one-piece swimsuits as well. Foxy Lingerie offers a wide selection of styles like your traditional one-piece or a more edgier monokini swim style. Many of these options feature fun frills or sexy ruffles that make your swimwear style more unique than the girl standing next to you at the pool. Most of our swim styles, like our high waist bikini swimwear, are fully lined and will stand up to harsh pool chemicals as long as you take good care of them. Rise them when you get back home and consider washing them by hand instead of tossing them in the washing machine. If you do machine was them, was them by themselves with a mild detergent and then hang dry. Your dryer will eat your swim style to death!