Mapalé are known for their edgier lingerie, swimwear, and apparel designs. Always looking to innovate in the realm of intimate apparel and clubwear, Mapalé is continually brining amazing products to us year after year to offer to our customers. With such a wide range of products offered, you can literally buy lingerie, a swimsuit, and a couple of evening outfits from the same designer and complete a really amazing ensemble. For this year, Mapalé has brought yet another amazing lineup of new designers that we are certain will meet even the most exquisite tastes. Formerly known as Epiral, you can expect the same amazing products under the new brand as you were used to for years under the old. The sexy designs are still there, the edginess that you're used to is still there, and the amazing value will continue to be available to our Foxy Lingerie customers year after year.