What is a Babydoll?

We get many questions about the different types of lingerie we carry, and what each one is called and why. So we decided we’d start to write a series of posts on the different types of lingerie you’ll find on Foxy Lingerie. Today, we want to answer one of those questions for our readers – what is a babydoll? The following post should help some of you understand exactly what a babydoll is.

A babydoll is a type of nightgown which is typically fairly loose fitting. The name babydoll was popularized in mid-1900’s due to the movie Baby Doll. This movie started the popularity of this lingerie style among adults. Also, originally, clothing like today’s babydolls were worn by infants to make changing diapers a lot easier.

Iris Halter Babydoll Dress

Today, they’re a popular lingerie style that women wear as a bed time outfit or as part of a more romantic ensemble. There are many different styles that are made from various materials like sheer nylon fabric or lace. Many of the styles we cary at Foxy Lingerie are made from materials like this and feature open cups, see through material, and come with matching g-string or thong panties.

Feel free to shop our selection of babydolls to see all of the different types of baby dolls that we carry. Or, if you’d like to read up on more information about babydolls check out this article over at Wikipedia.

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