Monthly Archives: January 2015

Sexy New 2015 Lingerie Styles from Coquette

Now that its the new year, that means that lingerie & costume designers are busy getting us their new 2015/2016 collections. For you, that means hot new lingerie, bras, and panty styles to add to your wardrobe. The first catalogs we got our hands on this year were from Coquette, who’ve come up with some awesome new styles this year. We’re super excited to share them with you guys and we’ve hand picked a couple of our favorites below to check out. read more

Washing & Caring for Your Lingerie

No girl wants to buy a new piece of sexy lingerie, wear it once, and toss it out. Heck no! You want to create a “lingerie wardrobe” that you can call on time after time. The only way to build that up and not always be replacing your best stuff is to care for your lingerie…the same way you do the rest of your clothes. But here’s the catch; lingerie garments aren’t your t-shirts, jeans, socks, or underwear from the big box store. This stuff is delicate and requires a little extra attention when caring for it. read more

Why Shopping for Erotic Lingerie & Intimate Apparel Can Be So Difficult

Lets face it, shopping for lingerie and intimate apparel just isn’t for everyone. Some folks are unsure of what to buy for themselves or their partners where others just feel uneducated when it comes to lingerie. And we can totally understand why. There are so many styles of lingerie out there from dozens of different designers, it can be hard to figure out which way to go in what seems to be a crowded marketplace. Well, we’re here to make life a little easier for those that are having a little trouble. read more