5 Tips To Help Your Bra Fit Perfectly

Finding a bra that fits you perfectly can seem really complicated. We’ve all experienced the pain and annoyance that comes with a bra that fits badly: straps that constantly slip off your shoulders, underwires that pinch and ride up and a bra band that seems to constantly shift around. Today we’re here to save you from a life of uncomfortable bras with five easy tips.

Check if your bra band size is correct – try and fit two fingers underneath it.

80% of the support your bra provides should come from the band – not the straps! This means that your band needs to be tight enough to provide plenty of support but not so tight that you’re miserable. A perfectly fitting bra band should feel like a nice hug rather a torture device, but also shouldn’t shift around throughout the day. If your bra band constantly rides up, try going down a size (or two). If you end the day with uncomfortable indentations in your skin, then you should try going up a band size. The two finger test is an easy and accessible way to test whether your bra band fits you or not.

If you have trouble keeping your bra straps on your shoulders, look for bras with adjustable straps and check your band size.

There are two reasons that your bra straps fall down: either your bra band isn’t providing enough support or you just have smaller shoulders. While changing your bra band size is an easy fix, there’s not much you can do about your shoulder size. If you do have smaller shoulders, look for bras that feature adjustable straps or elastic straps that conform to your body.

Check your underwires for tissue overflow.

Tissue overflow anywhere is usually a sign that your bra cups are too small. Make sure that you can raise your arms over your head without your underwire shifting position. The underwires of your bras should sit flat against your ribcage and feel secure. If breast tissue spills out when you lift your arms or if the underwires don’t sit closely against your body, try going up a cup size or two.

Your bra should encase all of your breast tissue, even if it’s a plunge bra.

We all know the difference between sexy cleavage and a bra that plain doesn’t fit, even if we don’t like to acknowledge it sometimes! If your breast tissue is spilling out the top or the sides of your bra, then you need to go up a cup size (or sometimes multiple cup sizes). Sexy plunge bras should offer support too!

Don’t put up with underwear that pinches, pokes, or cuts into your body uncomfortably.

This rule applies to more than bras – no piece of lingerie is worth making yourself uncomfortable! There’s an ocean of sexy lingerie out there, so don’t feel compelled to keep wearing a piece of lingerie that causes pain or that harms your self-confidence. We offer free shipping on any order, so take advantage of it and don’t be afraid to try that new lingerie set that might be perfect for you.

What is your most common lingerie fit issue? What is your best fitting bra? Let us know in the comments below!

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