New Crotchless Panties from Adore by Allure

Let’s face it, crotchless panties are some of the sexiest of all the lingerie styles we carry. They’re an amazing way for a woman to tease her partner – male or female. Plus, there’s just something that makes a sexual encounter a little hotter or kinkier with one of these panty styles. Well, because we’re fans too, we’re really excited to introduce our new Adore by Allure crotchless panty styles. With over a dozen new styles, there are obviously too many to list here, so we’ve spent a few hours picking our most favorite. Every one of these panties costs just $9.95 so there’s no reason to not surprise your lover with a bag full of new open crotch underwear from your friends at Foxy Lingerie. So, without waiting any longer, here are our favorites!

Sweet Honey Cheeky Crotchless Panty

When we got our hands on the Adore catalog, we knew we needed to add every panty they had to offer. These styles just are screaming to be worn – well, for a short while! But of all the styles we laid our eyes on, the Sweet Honey Cheeky Crotchless Panty was probably our the favorite of the entire Foxy team. The dual straps on each hip, the delicate lace front, and revealing “cheeky” sheer back just screamed fun. We’re confident that this panty will blow both your partner’s mind as well as your own! You’d be a fool not to add this sexy style to your underwear drawer.

Mirabelle Plum Crotchless Panty

Another fun style we’re excited to offer is the Mirabelle Plum Crotchless Panty. And hey, coming in second place when it comes to lingeire ISN’T a bad thing. While we admit this style features more mesh than lace, we’re certain this panty will be perfect at spicing things up between you and your lover. Features sheer mesh and flower lace trim, you get a touch of elegance with all the fun you’d expect from an open crotch underwear style such as this. Oh, and what’s more, not only do you have the open front feature (duh!) but you also get a completely open back which offers double the surprise! We totally think you should pick up this item as part of your next Foxy Lingerie purchase.

Lolita Crotchless Panty

Another super fun open crotch underwear style from the Adore collection is our Lolita Crotchless Panty. Made from 100% nylon, but also comfortable, this style features a sexy Brazillian back, cute tie sides, and mesh material. Those ties are fully functional so they’re just screaming to be untied while your partner enjoys the open crotch feature of this panty. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it as well!

Desire Sheer Crotchless Panty

Last, but certainly not least of these amazing styles, is our Desire Sheer Crotchless Panty. Again from the Adore collection, this dainty panty features super sexy criss cross bands of eyelash lace. Further, the tiny cutouts give this panty a little extra flair. We’re really big fans of the eyelash lace material and are pretty sure you will be too.

So, there you have it. Some amazing crotchless undies from our friends at Allure for you to consider as part of your next purchase. We’d be ashamed to tell you not to check out all of their other lingerie styles that we offer on our site. After all, why just go with a panty or two when you can build a complete ensemble to blow your lover’s mind with. If you’re looking for some other crotchless lingerie styles, we have many great options for you to choose from. As always, if you have any questions about these amazing new products, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

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