To Our Valued Customers -

With the current challenges facing everyone around the world with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to take some time to share an update on Foxy Lingerie with our valued customers. We realize that many people have been affected greatly by this global crisis and there are challenging times that lie ahead for all of us. The top priority is obviously the safety and well being of ourselves, family, friends, and everyone in the community.

Many of you may not know, but Foxy Lingerie is a small business with its home base in Central Massachusetts. In fact, I run the business by myself; managing the site, answering emails, shipping orders, and doing all those other tasks required to keep a business up and running. While I thoroughly enjoy working on Foxy Lingerie, it is sometimes quite challenging to manage all of these tasks by myself. My customers have been amazingly patient through these challenges as they patiently wait for their orders to arrive in the mail or for a reply to an email they sent regarding the status of their items. While I try to get back to everyone quickly, some customers have noticed delays in responding to emails and phone calls - for that I apologize and will continue to do better each and every day.

Some additional challenges have surfaced as well regarding restocking of items and the shipping times of orders via all shipping carriers. UPS and FedEx have had delays to due additional COVID-19 protocols. I am also sure everyone has been keeping up on the news regarding the United States Postal Service. The issues with USPS affect us the most because that is how I ship our orders to our customers. Hopefully things pick up though as we quickly approach the holiday seasons of Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day.

Lastly, back to school is upon us. For many, school has started. For us in Massachusetts, most schools go back in mid-September. My children will be participating in hybrid learning, which means they will be home more often than normal for school and will rely on assitance to get their school work done. I mention this because customer service correspondence and shipping times may be impacted a little more than they already are. However, I do not want this to sound like an excuse. By sharing these details, I am offering transparency on how my business is working, but also asking for your understanding and continued support of my small business. I thank you for that.

If you have a concern regarding your order, please send me an email at and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP. If you would like to cancel your order for any reason due to elongated ship times, please let me know. I value your trust and your business and want to do whatever I can to ensure you have a wonderful shopping experience on

Please know that if your order was placed several weeks ago and hasn not shipped yet, it may be delayed a little longer. I will be trying as hard as possible to fulfill those orders as quickly as possible. Your business is very important to me and I hope that you will all continue to support my small business by shopping at

Lastly, and most importantly, I wish each and every one of you good health in the challenging days to come and that you will stay safe and prioritize the health and safety of not only yourselves, but your friends and family as well. I am confident that we will get through this together. I look forward to providing amazing products to our customers in the months ahead. Thanks and stay safe!

Sincerely -

Bill Rowell

Owner @ Foxy Lingerie

Updated 08/27/2020