Lingerie Care & Washing Instructions

Properly caring for and washing your lingerie is of utmost importance if you want your favorite styles to still be wearable years from now. You've worked hard to not only buy your lingerie but to build what we'll assume is an exotic collection of your favorite intimates. So, take some tips from the experts at on doing it right!


We highly recommend you wash your lingerie each and every time you wear them. Oils, sweat, and skin from your body are embedded into the fabric and getting that stuff out is important to long lasting clothes. Depending on the fabric, fill an appropriate sized bowl with water and a delicate soap or detergent. Gently work the mixture into the fabric with your hands. After a few minutes, thoroughly rinse the garment and hang it up to dry.


Here's the bottom line on drying your lingerie - just hang dry it. Plain and simple. Tossing it in the dryer might not only shrink delicate fabrics, but wear them out as they rub against other garments. Delicate fabrics just aren't meant for dryers and will last a lot longer if you care for them gently.

Fabric Softeners

We'll just tell you right now, fabric softeners are bad news when it comes to caring for your lingerie. It can affect the dyes in the fabric and can also break down lycra, thus ruining the garment. We highly recommend that you only use gentle detergents, hand wash when possible, and hang to dry.