Looking for a Sexy Bra and Panty Set?

Then you've absolutely come to the right online lingerie store if you're looking for amazing sexy bra & panty sets. With styles to choose from from top designers like Dreamgirl, Leg Avenue, Coquette, and more you'll find the right style for you at a price you can't believe. Many different options are available when it comes to a complete bra & panty set (like the type of panty or type of bra) and they come in some really amazing colors too. These styles are a great way to get a sexy bra and panty at a better price because they're sold together. So check them out for yourself!

What types of panties do most sets come with?

We've found that the majority of bra and panty sets we offer from our designers come with a matching thong or g-string panty. This just ups the level of sexiness of the lingerie outfit that you're buying. Consider what you're comfortable wearing as well as the size of the item when it comes to choosing one of these sexy lingerie sets.

What types of lingerie styles will I find here?

If you're looking for something amazing that you don't have to think about how to match one style with the next, then you should definitely think about purchasing one of the amazing and sexy bra and panty sets made by some of the top designers in the United States like Dreamgirl and Shirley of Hollywood. From halter bra tops with a matching panty to stretch mesh and lace, you'll find some amazing styles that will make your heart (and his) race. With so many great styles to choose from and prices that just can't be beat, you'll have an awesome time shopping for that next lingerie outfit that you can make your own. We definitely know that pairing up a bra from one designer with a panty from another doesn't always work out the best, so why not just kill two birds with one stone with a super sexy bra panty set from us!

Are these bra and panties sets affordable?

Absolutely! All of our amazing lingerie sets, including the bra & panty sets that you see here, are a really great way to get multiple pieces of lingerie (matching for that matter) at a super affordable price. You don't have to worry about mixing and matching a bra, panty, or garter hoping that the material or color will match exactly the way you want it to. Just because these styles are super affordable, that does not mean these are cheaply made bra & panty sets. These are well designed styles made from high quality materials that if cared for properly, should last for years to come. You aren't going to find disposable lingerie here - just high quality styles that you'll be proud to call your own and wear multiple times throughout the year.

What if I don't like the bra & panty set that I purchased?

Then we'll gladly work with you to find you a style that will work for you - after all, being a happy customer is what's important to the lingerie experts at Foxy Lingerie. If we can't find a style that will fit properly we'll gladly offer you a full refund for your purchase. Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll get right to work to make the situation right.