Shopping for G-String Panties?

Are you shopping for g-string panties? Are you looking for a classic g-string or even one that's a little sexier with some integrated lace? Then you've come to the right place. Foxy Lingerie is known for carrying hundreds of quality g-string styles for you to choose from and add to your (probably overflowing) sexy underwear drawer. These styles are perfect for pairing with babydolls, chemises, and more! So many of these styles are available in vibrant colors, sexy cuts, and even better - affordable prices! At that rate you can certainly afford to purchase more than one style while you're here.

A lot of our customers wonder though - what is the difference between a g-string panty and a thong panty? Well, here's your answer! Both a g-string and a thong feature a narrow piece of cloth that runs down the back of the panty in between the buttocks and attached to another piece of cloth, or band, at the hips. The main difference between both of these styles of panties is that the g-string just simply has less material between the legs whereas the thong style has just a little bit more. Because of this, you'll find many sexy thong style offer a crotchless feature because there is more material there to allow for an opening. G-String panties just don't have enough material to achieve that styling feature.