Looking for Open Cup & Open Tip Bras

An open cup or open tip bra typically isn't you're everyday bra, but can be paired with other lingerie styles or used on its own for a fun time in the bedroom. All of our items are made from high quality materials by some of the worlds top designers. If you are looking for a nice bra that has no cups, i.e. is cupless, to add to your lingerie wardrobe, then look no further than those here at FoxyLingerie.com. If you're looking for other sexy lingerie items at unbelievable prices, check out the rest of our site. We're always adding new styles daily so come back often to see if there is anything new. We also write some articles from time to time discussing plus size open cup bras for women with larger bust and cup sizes. Also, if you're not just in the mood for a bra, think about pairing one of these open bra styles with a pair of sexy thong panties, garter belts, and thigh highs or stockings to create the ultimate lingerie set. For a few more bucks you can put together several items to create the perfect look just for you and not get stuck with a lingerie set that just doesn't do it for you.

Shopping for Open Lingerie Styles

When shopping for an open cup lingerie style, we suggest that you keep in mind several things. First, what types of materials do you like to wear when it comes to your lingerie? Silky materials? Mesh or free flowing materials? Next, what are your sizes. Keep every size in mind including bust, cup, hips, and waist so that you can consider your dimensions with the sizes that we offer for each particular style. Also, have a budget in mind when it comes to shopping for any piece of lingerie. Many styles we offer are very affordable in the $25 to $45 range. Other styles like sexy lingerie corsets and bustiers can run a bit more from $50 and up. No matter what you're considering when it comes to open cup lingerie, we're sure you'll find the perfect style on FoxyLingerie.com.

What is an open cup bra?

An open cup bra is exactly what it sounds like, a bra without cups. Now it depends on the design you're looking at how much of the cup is missing. Some are more like demi-cup or three quarter cup bras that show the top part of the breast where others are completely missing the entire cup. The support comes from underwire which pushes the breast up and gives it lift. These styles are amazing when paired with a sexy babydoll or chemise lingerie style.

Will an open tip bra fit like a traditional bra I'd buy at the store?

That really all depends on the style you're looking at and how the designer cut the fabric for that particular sexy open cup bra style. We all know different brands of bras fit differently. You might be a 32C in one brand and then find out you're a 34D in another. Because of that, we strongly suggest you check out the size chart for the open cup bra you're looking at. Match up the cup and bust size the best you can and pick that size. You will find that some sizes fit a range of cup sizes so we definitely recommend you pick one closest to your traditional cup and bust size. As always, get in touch with us if you ever have any sizing questions!

How much stretch do these bra styles offer?

It totally depends on the material composition of the style. You'll find that most sexy open lingerie styles that we sell is a blend of polyester or nylon mixed with spandex for stretch. Typically something with 10% spandex will stretch a bit so the garment fits you snuggly, but it won't stretch to a completely different size for example. The more spandex though, the more stretch you'll get out of the garment.

Do you ship open cup bras internationally?

We sure do. You can check out all of the countries that we currently ship to on our shipping page. We're always looking into shipping to as many countries as we can, but some that we service right now are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia. If you ever have a question on if we can deliver to your country, just drop us a line and we'll be happy to help. Shipping prices internationally are fairly affordable, starting as low as $15.95.

I tried on the cupless bra I purchased, but it doesn't fit. What now?

Definitely call us and we'll work with you to pick out the right size. Wearing a bra that is too big or too small isn't comfortable and isn't really good for your body either. We want to make sure that you're confident, comfortable, and extremely happy in any bra that you order from Foxy Lingerie. We'll work with you to get you in the right style and size - as long as the tags are still on the garment, we can exchange it for the right size. Our lingerie experts at FoxyLingerie.com absolutely want to make sure that you're 100% comfortable in the lingerie you purchase from us so that you're a happy Foxy Lingerie customer for life. Never settle for lingerie that doesn't fit properly!