Pasties galore! Shop our selection of pasties and nipple covers to create the perfect look for your newly selected lingerie style. At great prices, you can afford to pick up more than one set of pasties in all the great available colors.

Shopping for Pasties

You've probably seen many of our open cup lingerie or bra styles show images with the model wearing pasties. You may be looking to complete that open cup look with a pair of pasties, so we've picked up a handful of great looking styles for you to choose from. Made from sequin and plastic material with an adhesive backing, these pasties can really create a sexy and surprising look for both you and your partner to enjoy. One important thing to keep in mind when shopping for pasties - if you have sensitive skin or find that adhesives can irritate your skin, we recommend that you be careful wearing any of the options we offer.

Why Wear Pasties?

Simple! Create a really sexy and provocative look that makes you feel sexy and confident and that your partner will enjoy. Our pasties are the perfect addition, along with a sexy panty and pair of thigh highs, to really create a sexy look when it comes to wearing open cup lingerie. Pasties can be fun, flirtatious, and just a great way to up that level of passion and excitement.