Sexy Animal Costumes

Be playful this Halloween in a super cute and sexy animal costume, from Foxy Lingerie. With all of the super sexy animal costumes you'll find here, from bunnies to bears to felines, we're sure you'll find something fun to dress up as.

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Sexy Animal Themed Costumes for Halloween

No, we're not calling you out for being an animal silly! We want you to dress up in one of our sexy animal costumes for Halloween this year. Or...maybe a little bedroom role play? Whatever your fancy when it comes to sexy animal costumes, we have an awesome selection of sexy products for you to choose from. We have cougars and kitties, bears and panthers. Shop till your sexy little self animal!

If you're into our sexy animal costumes, we think you will also love our other styles of women's sexy costumes as well, like our geisha costumes and adult police officer costumes.  If you're looking for something a little more risque or for a little bedroom fun, we also highly recommend our collection of sexy lingerie costumes as well.  Many of these styles are perfect for an edgier Halloween theme or for some role play fun with your partner in the bedroom.