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Feeling a little frisky? Want to change things up a bit? Then try a little role playing with your lover in one of our sexy lingerie costumes! With so many different bedroom costumes to choose from like sexy nurses and cops, you can't go wrong when it comes to sexy role play lingerie!

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You don't need to wait until Halloween to have a little fun and live out one of your fantasies, especially in the bedroom. Check out our selection of sexy lingerie costumes made especially for a little role play below. From sexy nurses to hot cops, we can help to fulfill any fantasy you might have or desire. When it comes to fantasy lingeire styles, you'll have your choice of amazing styles like a sexy nurses and sexy schoolgirls. No matter what style you're looking for, we have you covered! These role play outfits are definitely made more for bedroom costume fun at home; not for your typical Halloween costume party. Then again, maybe that depends on the type of party you're attending! What these outfits can do is get that imagination going in the right direction for a little - or maybe a lot - of fun tonight. And don't worry, our items are priced so that you can have a bit of fun on any budget. So check our all of our styles below and have yourself a ton of fun tonight!

Be Adventurous!

Don't just settle for ordinary lingerie - especially if you're feeling a little adventurous! Anyone who is looking to have a little fun in one of our bedroom attire styles should check out the selection above to have a little role play fun. These sexy role play costumes & outfits are perfect for dressing up for a little role play action around the house. Feeling a little frisky? Dress up in one of our sexy maid lingerie styles. Or maybe your partner has a wee bump on the head and needs a little attention from you while dressed up in a nurse costume. Maybe he's been a bad, bad boy and needs you to dole out a little discipline dressed up as a sexy cop. No matter what the situation, we have you covered - or barely!

Role Play Outfits for Adults

Absolutely! We actually wouldn't recommend wearing these lingerie bedroom or role play costumes & role play lingerie styles to your typical Halloween party since many of them will absolutely reveal your hidden gems because they are made from sheer material and are more suited as sexy underwear. But they are perfect for your enjoyment at home in the bedroom! If you or your partner have a particular fantasy, we definitely have you covered (or lack thereof) with super hot nurse outfits, maid costumes, and sexy school girl outfits. No matter who you're feeling like impersonating we're confident you'll find the character that will make you feel fun and flirty!

If you're looking for an excuse to "get in the mood", then these styles might help. There's nothing wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone, but some folks struggle to take the leap. So, while these outfits are reserved for special occasions, we do have some tips to get the setting right. First, drop some hints on what you're looking for. Maybe share some pics or even share some of the items here on the site and see if there's mutual interest in a little role play action. Second, don't forget that the character can make all the difference. It helps to know what turns your partner on. Back to the nurse, school girl, or bad cop examples above. If your lover isn't into nurses, definitely don't go with one of those styles. Both of you being comfortable is where its at. And third, and almost most important, these styles are meant for fun. If you both aren't going to enjoy each other and what the lingerie costume style you purchase offer, then what's the point? Be sure the situation, timing, and item are perfect and you're guaranteed to never forget it!

What about as Halloween costumes?

That probably all depends on where you plan on wearing the outfit you're looking at. Some of these items are definitely meant as sexy roleplay lingerie costumes for your bedroom. Others could be worn to a friend's Halloween party or to an event being held at a college or a club. We're sure if you got a little creative with some of the styles here and other products on our site you could pair some sexy lingerie to make one sexy Halloween costume.