Shopping for Sexy Shelf Bras

Shelf bras are a great addition to any woman's lingerie wardrobe. Think about it - you have your new sexy babydoll or chemise on with your favorite g-string or thong. A little teasing here, a little teasing there and the top layer comes off and beneath is one of our sexy open cup bras waiting for your partner! Or you can pair one with any of our great stockings, crotchless panties, or garter belt combinations. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the the sexy bra styles we carry at Foxy Lingerie. So start shopping today and put together the perfect sexy lingerie outfit ensemble today that will make his head absolutely run wild!

Any woman who's looking for something a little sexy to wear under another piece of sexy lingerie or just on its own. They give you great lift but typically have an open cup or open tip which shows off shows off most of the breast. These bras are super comfortable to wear so you can focus on having a little fun with your partner in the bedroom. If you're a guy shopping for your wife or girlfriend, see what other items customers have paired with the shelf bra you're looking at or search our site for something that will compliment the style you're considering. On their own their great, but paired with a chemise, babydoll, or other lingerie outfit you can really turn up the heat in your love life!

Benefits of a Shelf Bra

To be honest, these bras aren't made for wearing every day to the office or out shopping - they're made for a little bit of fun in the bedroom. In fact, the ultimate in fun!  That said, many of these styles offer support just like underwire bras do as well as stiff shoulder straps to give you lift and support to show off your assets. All bras we offer have adjustable straps so that you have the ability to tailor the fit to your body. If you have any questions about the features of one of our shelf bra styles, just check our the product description or drop us a line for more assistance.

Check out the size chart for the item you're considering for your lingerie purchase. All shelf bras we sell have specific size charts that will help you determine which size is the right fit for you. Keep in mind that these styles of bras aren't exactly cut with the same purpose as your everyday bra nor do the offer you exactly the same support that you might be used to, so keep that in mind when shopping for something that might be a little newer to you.

Features of Shelf Bras

Most of these styles offer underwire support,  which is how you can get such great lift wearing a bra that typically has a demi-cup or cupless design. Keep in mind that this isn't the kind of support you might be used to in an everyday bra. The support offered by a shelf bra is one that can lift the breast as part of a sexy lingerie outfit . Consider pairing them with one of our babydoll or chemise lingerie styles that we offer on the site.

What is a Shelf Bra?

Believe it or not, it really depends on the type of bra you're looking at. Most of the shelf bras we sell on offer support under the breasts with either a thick elastic band or stiff underwire that allows your breasts to sit on...well, a shelf. The catch here is that they don't cover any of the upper part of the breast or the nipple, kind of like peek-a-boo bras do. You'll find that the styles that we offer on our site are made from many different cuts and materials thus offering you great selection of products from several different designers that gives you the opportunity to pick one that's just right for you! The other type of shelf bra is you'll find is offered in a variety of other clothing options, like tank tops. These shelf bras are built in giving you added support in a garment that would otherwise not offer you any support at all. This allows you to get that desired support without wearing a separate bra. If you ever have a question about a particular style of bra, make sure you get in touch with one of our lingerie experts who can help you with sizing, materials, and fit.

Is it the Right Bra for Me?

That all depends on what its is you're really looking for. If you're looking for some erotic lingerie or something with a little more edge, then consider a shelf bra for your next purchase. Keep in mind that given the lack of a full cup, these styles styles might not be as flattering for larger women or women with larger breasts than they would for women with a smaller cup size. If you're looking for more support that you're used to, consider checking out one of our demi-cup bra styles or even one of our strappy open cup bras that would give you the right amount of cup support that you're probably used to.