Shopping for Women's Sexy Underwear

We have so many styles sexy underwear for you to choose from that we really just don't know where to begin describing all the fun styles on our site. Foxy Lingerie carries so many exciting styles of thongs, boyshorts, and g-string panty styles for you to choose from. We're very happy to be able to make these fun products available for you to purchase and more are arriving daily. Many of our styles are perfect for wearing every day or a fun evening in the bedroom paired with another exciting lingerie style. All of these types of erotic panty styles are made from high quality materials by some of the world's top designers. Many come in an array of colors to choose from so you can buy more than just one in all of the colors you like. What's even better is that we offer the best prices on every panty we sell so that you'll certainly find a style that fits the tightest of budgets. Many styles are also available in a plus size panty sizes as well. Check 'em out!

Choosing the Perfect Panty

We offer so many different styles of sexy underwear styles from some of the very best lingerie designers in the world. No matter the type of erotic panty that you're looking for from boy shorts, to thongs, to crotchless panties, we have you covered...well, as much as you'd like to be covered anyway. All of our panties are made from high quality materials and we offer them in a wide array of styles, colors, and sizes at super affordable prices. Many of our designers offer similar panty styles for you to choose from, but with their own little flair and style. Check out the styles that Coquette, Shirley of Hollywood, Mapale, Dreamgirl, and more have to offer for your next purchase. Stock up on more than one style so you never have to wear the same pair during the same week!

From tanga shorts to lace boyshort panties to the classic and versatile thong panty, we have styles that are designed for every personality imaginable. You'll find styles that you'd want to wear everyday or just for that special night in with your partner. And these are cheap women's underwear styles either. These products will hold up to many years of wearing and washing. So, if you're looking to feel sexy, then one of our panty styles might just be the perfect choice to get that feeling of confidence that you're looking for.

Don't forget to check out our individualized size charts that we've created for each product on our site when finding the perfectly sized panty. All of the panty styles that we sell will show a size chart that let you know what body measurements will fit for your chosen size.

Caring For Your Sexy Underwear

Caring for your sexy underwear is important as well, especially if you want it to last for a long time. Your dryer is rough on clothing and so are harsh detergents. We always recommend, especially for delicate styles, that you wash them in the sink with cold water and a very mild detergent. Delicate lingerie isn't made to hold up to automatic washing machines and dryers and is better suited for hand washing. Every day lingerie is made to take a little bit more of a beating because, well, its made to be worn every day. It is important to wash your thongs and other panty styles properly with the right detergents and wash settings since you're counting on your purchase to last and be enjoyable for as long as possible.

Founded in 2012, Foxy Lingerie is dedicated to offering women sexy lingerie and apparel that they can feel confident and beautiful in. Our goal is simple, offer you a fun and easy shopping experience so that you want to be a Foxy customer for life!