Looking for Bras Featuring Underwire?

The underwire, or under wire, bra which features some form of stiff material below the bust which helps lift the breast and provide support. Most of the time its made of a synthetic material but used to be made of actual wire "back in the day". Many of our styles feature other amazing fabrics like lace or mesh and come in several patterns. What's even better, many are available in a set which comes with a matching panty, like a thong, so you have a complete set. This style of bra is very popular by women because the addition of underwire to the garment prevents the natural sagging of the breast that can sometimes occur as time goes on. These bra styles are much different than those that are underwire-free given that there's metal or hard plastic built into the material below each cup. When you pick an underwire bra that fits you perfectly you get that lifting support that you're looking for and an enhanced shape that can give you confidence and make you feel more beautiful. Don't forget to also pick a bra that has adjustable straps and a hook-back closure so that you can get a perfect fit. Nothing is worse than a poor fitting brassiere.

What styles of Underwire Bras do you have?

At FoxyLingerie.com, we always strive to find the best styles of bras to fit the tastes of every woman. From cup-less and shelf bras that feature underwire for added support to your more classic underwire push up bra, we have the best styles from the best designers in the world. Made form an array of materials and available in many styles and colors we hope that you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

What if an Underwire Bra does not work for me?

Some women just don't like underwire bras. Some bras, especially when they don't fit properly can leave marks on your body and lead to unwanted bulging. This can happen when the ends of the cups of the bra press too hard into your breasts and creates that dreaded bulge effect. Plus, it feels like your bra is just digging into your breasts leading to some unwanted discomfort. Also, you want to always be careful that the bra isn't wearing out and the wire doesn't start sticking out. Who wants to get stabbed in the boob with their bra?!? Lastly, keep in mind the clothes that you're going to wear over your bra with underwire support. If the clothing is tight or flimsy, you might be able to see the entire shape of your bra under your clothes. A lot of problems with these types of bras can be solved with a better fitting bra, a newer bra that isn't starting to wear, and pairing them with the right type of clothing. As always, reach out to one of our lingerie experts if you have any questions about finding the right fitting sexy bra style!