Corset Lingerie

    If you're looking for some corset lingerie styles, then look no further at some of the amazing choices you have at Foxy Lingerie. With all of the different styles from lace, leather, and vinyl corsets, you're sure to find the prefect corset lingerie set here!

    Corset Lingerie Styles

    When it comes to lingerie styles, we think corsets are some of the most interesting and sexy pieces available. Offering women a slimming look as well as cleavage support, they're some of the most popular items we offer. We find the feedback on them from women is their guys like the way they look too! With so many different options to choose from, like a lace up corset or a black lace corset, you might find you want to buy more than one. Even better, they hold up well over time if properly cared for so you and your partner can get many years of enjoyment out of your purchase. Corsets are also incredibly popular as part of sexy Halloween costumes as well. Many customers call us looking for a specific style or color to create their own costume look instead of going with an off the shelf option.

    What Colors are Corsets Available in?

    Pretty much every major color is available in a corset - from black corsets to red corset lingerie styles. Many women wear them as a sexy top as well either with a pair of tight spandex pant leggings or even a pair of their favorite jeans. Given the versatility of a style like this, spending $50 to $80 on a lingerie item isn't a bad investment given that you can wear it on occasions outside of your bedroom. We also carry many popular and vibrant colored corsets in plus size versions as well - we know that not every woman is a size 2-4 and want to make sure all beautiful women have a colorful corset that they can call their own.