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Get a super sexy look without trying to piece together separate styles with a sexy lingerie set from Foxy Lingerie. For either lounging around the bedroom or sharing that special moment, our sexy lingerie sets should be a go to choice no matter the occasion!

Shopping for Sexy Lingerie Sets?

If you can't figure out what lingerie style you should get, check out our selection of lingerie sets. A lot of these sets are great for the bedroom and every day use. Most sets come in at least two pieces with a matching top and panty, others come in three to four pieces and include accessories or stockings too! From bra and panty sets to those that are a little more risque, we have it all. A set is a great way to save a little bit of money too - wear just the top or just the panty - its totally up to you. We're constantly scouring catalogs for the best sexy lingerie sets to offer our customers so keep checking back to see what we've been adding to our!

Who are lingerie sets for?

If you're shopping on a budget and you're looking for a lingerie outfit for a special night or a vacation away, then a lingerie set is the perfect choice for you. Often combining a top and bottom or babydoll and panty, you can get a complete look in one outfit without having to piece together multiple styles. These lingerie sets make it super easy to just find a style that you love and click 'Add to Cart'. Nothing can be more simple than that when it comes to purchasing one of our exciting women's lingerie & nightwear styles!