Shop for Crotchless Panties

Ok, let's all be a little bit honest with ourselves. Crotchless panties might not be exactly something you'd wear every day. Typically they just aren't all that practical for every day use. But, when you really think about it, if you're looking to spice things up and feel a little more sexy in the bedroom, you pair one of these panty styles with any of our sexy lingerie styles you can really have that evening of fun you desire. From crotchless thongs to crotchless full back panties, there are plenty of different styles, sizes, and vibrant colors for you to choose all just depends on what you fancy. Hey, while you're at it, look at some of the different styles of sexy babydolls that we have in stock and create the perfect lingerie ensemble.

These panty styles are really for anyone who's looking to have a little bit of an adventure in the bedroom. Match a pair of these panties with any other sexy lingerie style like a babydoll or chemise, this style of panty can really pick things up a notch when it comes to a little bit of bedroom foreplay! With so many different styles to choose from (stretch lace, low rise, or thong) we're sure you'll find the style that you're looking for at Foxy Lingerie! We also offer a wide array of other sexy crotchless lingerie styles if you're looking for something a little bit more than just a panty.

What is a crotchless panty?

A crotchless panty is missing some material in the crotch area. However, the design of a crotchless women's panty can vary from style to style and designer to designer. Some styles have a slight opening in the crotch or ties that will open the crotch area up. Some styles don't have any material in the crotch area at all. Regardless of the type, this style of panty is certain to add to the level of fun in the bedroom and delight your partner. We highly recommend that you pair your favorite crotchless panty style with any of our amazing babydoll, chemise, or lingerie set styles to really complete an amazing and sexy look. Sometimes they are called open crotch or open front panties as well. In general though, they all achieve the same purpose which is having a little surprise for your partner. We offer so many great panty styles from popular designers like Dreamgirl, Coquette, Allure, and more.

Can I wear one of these panties more than once?

Just like any other piece of clothing that you wear, it all depends on how hard you are on the fabric and how you care for them. Like any other piece of lingerie, make sure that you're gentle with the fabric and you take care when washing and drying the item. These aren't edible underwear that are really only meant to be worn once. You should be able to get many months of fun and pleasure out of a pair of crotchless underwear from your friends at Foxy Lingerie