Garter Lingerie

    Gartered lingerie is perfect when you're trying to create that ultimate lingerie set. When you need to combine a panty and pair of thigh highs, you'll need a lingerie style that includes garters to really complete a great look. Shop our great selection of garter lingerie today!

    Shopping for Garter Lingerie & Garter Belt Sets

    Shopping for lingerie should be a fun experience - both while you're looking for that perfect style - and when you get it home and enjoy it with your partner. So many of the styles we love at Foxy Lingerie are complete lingerie sets that include garters so that you can attach your favorite pair of stockings or lace top thigh highs. Gartered lingerie offers you a way to create a complete look that you love and feel sexy and confident in. One of the best thing about shopping for lingerie that includes garters or a garter belt is that you get several pieces of lingerie for one low price. Its a great way to shop for lingerie - especially when you consider everything you get when you're buying a garter belts set that include a matching panty or bra. What's better is many of them will be interchangeable with other amazing styles that we carry on the site so that you can mix and match and create some really amazing and unique looks for yourself and your partner to enjoy.

    Do You Offer Garter Belt & Stocking Sets?

    We do have some lingerie sets that come complete with a garter belt and stockings, however, many times you'll have to pair them together yourself. That's why we've tried really hard to accessorize a lot of styles with a classic pair of stockings that will go with a garter belt style you're looking at. We know that everyone is looking to complete that really sexy look when it comes to their lingerie, so we've worked tirelessly to find styles that work really well with each other. So if you're looking for a garter belt and stocking set definitely check out the styles we've paired together and create your own very special look!