Sexy Playboy Costumes & Lingerie

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Nothing really reminds folks of "sexy" than the iconic brand of Playboy. That's why Foxy Lingerie is proud to carry officially licensed Playboy costumes and lingerie styles. Enjoy everything this amazing brand has to offer!

Officially Licensed Playboy Halloween Costumes & Lingerie

Its been years since we first saw these officially licensed costumes from Playboy and we have to say, it never gets tired. These are some of the sexiest costumes that we offer on the site and the sheer number of them that we sell year in and year out is a testament to their popularity. You might have to pay a little extra to get one of these amazing pieces, but we feel that you'll find its worth every penny when everyone can't stop talking about how great you looked for weeks after Halloween is over. What's more, these styles are superbly made so as long as you care for your costume properly, we know it'll last for more than just one Halloween.